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    Complete PET Bottle Water Production Line

    Product Description:

    1: Injection Molding Machine

    2:Preform Dryer

    3:Air Compressor

    4:Blow Machine

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    Based on the world's advanced PET packaging production technology, Minh Hung continuously improves and builds new production machines for himself with innovative and breakthrough thinking.

    PET bottles and bottles are produced through 2 stages: first, primary PET plastic beads, colors and additives will be fed to the No. 1 injection molding machine to create preforms, then the preforms will be put into the preform dryer (No. 2) warm up the preform before putting it into the blower (no. 4) to blow up PET bottles, tubs or bottles.

    Especially since 2020 Minh Hung has successfully built automatic pet bottle blowing machine (5-30lit) to export the machine to foreign countries.


    In particular, Minh Hung is willing to transfer technology so that customers can produce PET bottles, tanks or bottles. Customers only need to invest in a billet dryer (No. 2), an air compressor (No. 3) and a blower (No. 4) to reduce costs and Minh Hung will provide ingots so that customers can produce finished products according to their requirements. its own designs.